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Watch me suck at the Immortals Fenyx Rising Demo - gameplay video

by: Eric -
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I dropped into the Immortals Fenyx Rising demo on Stadia for about 40 minutes today. Things were going along just fine until I came across the demo's one super-easy puzzle. Watch me flail around at it for 15 minutes before figuring out the solution. 

If I had been playing on my own, I would have figured all that out in about three minutes. Streaming adds pressure, it seems. Just shameful.

Takeaways from the demo so far:

  • Immortals feels and plays a lot like a lighter version of Assassins' Creed: Odyssey. 
  • Immortals has some very witty writing and funny moments.
  • Yes, some Zelda-like DNA has crept into this game, but it is NOT a Zelda clone.

 If you haven't started a Stadia account yet, what are you waiting for? It's free, and you can play this demo right now by clicking here.