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Stadia announces two new games, Immortals Fenyx Rising demo

by: Eric -
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The last episode? iteration? event? of the Google Stadia "Good Stuff" series went live today at noon. As usual, there were a few trailers, a lot of seemingly pointless edits, and a chattering streamer gluing the whole thing together. You can watch the whole thing here, if you missed it:

The first announcement was Young Souls, a beautifully animated multiplayer action RPG from The Arcade Crew. Here's the trailer for that one:

Next up was X-Com-style tactics game Phoenix Point:

After another Baldur's Gate III trailer, the biggest news today was the go-live for the much ballyhooed Immortals Fenyx Rising demo, which you can play right now by clicking here. The demo runs for seven days from October 22 - 29. Immortals Fenyx Rising is scheduled to release on December 3, 2020, and is one of Ubisoft's tentpole titles for the holiday season. Getting the exclusive demo is a big, big deal for Stadia, and it ought to bring a lot of new players to the platform to discover that, hey, this thing actually works pretty well. 

We'll be checking out the demo, so check back with Gaming Nexus for our thoughts and observations.