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First Look: Amazon Luna UI and Gameplay Videos

by: Eric -
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As I posted yesterday, I got placed into the first wave of the Amazon Luna beta. Though I posted a few impressions and screenshots yesterday, that kinda feels super incomplete. So I marshalled all of my tech forces and created a few videos. The first is a quick tour through the Luna UI, followed by a few videos of Luna's (extremely impressive) gameplay.

Here's the UI tour:

Next, I dipped into Control for a quick jaunt around the Bureau. Pay special attention to how fast these load times are:

Then I played the opening to Yooka-Laylee, just as a visual counterpoint to Control. Control is all grimdark, so I thought I would check out something brighter.

Finally, I checked out a game that I have never heard of, Victor Vran. Turns out, this is a super badass game, and I'm totally going to play it for real. Not much talk about Luna in this video, mostly just me geeking out about how cool Victor Vran is: 

If anyone has any requests for particular games they would like to see in videos (or if you just want me to check out more of Victor Vran), hit me up on Twitter. I'll be glad to produce some more. There's a pandemic, you know. Nothing else going on.