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Stadia announced Ark for Stadia Pro; Humankind beta access

by: Eric -
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Day two of the Stadia "Good Stuff" event aired today on YouTube, with another round of trailers and announcements. Check it out here if you missed it: 

After an extremely brief trailer for the upcoming Stadia exclusive Outlanders and the announcement of an upcoming expansion for Orcs Must Die 3, Stadia started firing the big guns with the announcement that Ark: Survival Evolved will be coming to Stadia Pro in 2021. That means that anyone with a Stadia Pro subscription will be able to play the game for free. Though it was a recent giveaway on the Epic Game Store, this is still a nice bonus for Stadia fans. Here's the trailer if you don't feel like digging through all of the streamer nonsense above:

The other big announcement (which was totally spoiled online yesterday) was that a playable beta for Sega's 4X strategy game Humankind will be available for the next seven days. Click here to check it out. The full game will be coming to Stadia in 2021 for the weird price of $50.99.

The biggest day is yet to come, with the Immortals: Fenyx Rising demo dropping. Keep an eye here on Gaming Nexus for all the details as they emerge. Or, you know, catch the stream. It's entirely up to you.