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Here’s why a retailer in the UK is listing the Xbox Series X for £2449

by: Charlie -
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Consumers in the UK looking to secure themselves an Xbox Series X might’ve come across an eye-watering listing on popular electrical retailer Currys for £2499. At the time of writing, that equates to just under $3300.

As it turns out, the system is so audaciously priced only to deter those who haven’t pre-ordered the system on Currys. Those who did and paid the £5 deposit received a promotional code to bring the cost down to the system’s RRP price. 

If anyone was crazy enough to part with £2499 and place the order, Currys confirmed it would consequently be cancelled. It’s certainly an interesting pre-order system but did result in some people selling their promotional codes on eBay just to bring the system down to its usual price.