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Minecraft Ultimate brings streamers together to raise money for charity

by: Jon -
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Minecraft Ultimate will take place tomorrow, October 17th, at 4PM EST in a 2 hour Minecraft Hunger Games style event. So far this year, Minecraft Ultimate has played 2 seasons and managed to raise more than $75,000 for charities that the participating teams choose to play for. The event will bring together over 250 Youtubers and Livestreamers, breaking them into teams of 4 as they participate. 

This events participants include - 

  • CaptainSparklez
  • Badboyhalo
  • Destiny
  • Dedreviil
  • QuarterJade
  • Tiko
  • Skeppy
  • Punz
  • Grizzy
  • Kyroz 

Tomorrow's event will be sponsored by Wasder, and is encouraging teams to raise money for Folding@Home. You can read more about both the sponsor and charity below. 

On October 17 2020 @ 4pm EST, Minecraft Ultimate will be hosting the biggest online collaborative content creator event. Over 200 content creators from all over the world will play together in one round of a Minecraft Hunger Games. 

Creators will be split into teams of 4 and play in an action-packed event lasting 2 hours long. Players will raise money for their charity of choice by encouraging viewers to donate in-game items through the Minecraft Ultimate Website. 

This year, Minecraft Ultimate sponsor Wasder, a social online gaming platform, is encouraging users to donate to Folding@Home - a timely nonprofit organization helping to fight COVID-19 using computer processing power to find a vaccine. 

Two seasons of Minecraft Ultimate have been hosted so far in 2020. Featuring over 250 different YouTubers and Livestreamers from all different regions of the world. In the two seasons, over $75,000 was raised for charity. With the success of the past two seasons, Minecraft Ultimate plans to host 4-5 events per year. 


About Wasder 

Established in 2019, Wasder is an online social gaming platform founded in Sweden. 

Wasder enables gamers to engage in their passion on a dedicated social gaming platform. Streamers are provided with the tools they need and want to perform their art, and fans are offered the best way to engage with their favorite streamers closing the supply and demand loop. Wasder’s innovative platform is built for the needs of gamers, solving communication, administration and monetization. 

The platform offers everything from a global chat function which is customized to your unique gaming interests, plus a separate feed for the people you follow as well as the ability to create your own community with clans, private chats and other functions. Wasder also offers a match making functionality, or LFG (Looking For Group) to find players and new friends who play the same games. Cross platform posting, to other social platforms (such as Twitter and Discord) makes Wasder the one-stop shop for social media posting. This helps streamers optimize their engagement with fans.

With Wasder’s Twitch extension called Stream Scheduler, you can see your upcoming streams in a calendar format for the upcoming week and also automate your Go Live-messaging. The extension will auto post across your networks, performing all that tedious work for you so you can focus on entertaining your fans.

By providing a framework to millions of gamers, Wasder gives the industry access to what they need - a unified target audience and a framework where their offering makes it easier for users to access quickly. This provides real value to both industry and consumers by strengthening the engagement for everyone involved. By providing this framework, Wasder becomes an authority on everything gaming and a must-be space to be in it. 


About Folding@Home 

Folding@Home is a distributed computing project that was founded in October 2000 at Stanford University, and it was specifically designed for disease research. It has historically been targeted at researching cancer, ALS, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s and more. And the Folding@Home team now wants to direct as much global computer power as possible at fighting the Coronavirus.