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So, what are you playing?

by: Randy -
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Wired introduces Wired Games, where it'll now neatly stack its savvy game coverage. A guy named Gary Bowser—yes, that's his real last name—is part of a prominent video game piracy group being hit with 11 felony counts. And the second movie trailer is out for Free Guy, the story of an NPC that becomes self-aware and fights to save his server from being shut down.
So, what are you playing?
Sean Colleli
It's spooky month so I'm deep into my typical October marathon of Resident Evil 4, Dead Space, classic DOOM, and of course Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem.
It's also been a couple weeks since the No Man's Sky Origins update dropped, which is usually enough time for the fine folks at Hello Games to iron out the inevitable bugs. I've been planet hopping for a couple days, and aside from my formerly gorgeous oceanside retreat world turning into a fetid, toxic swamp, I'm enjoying the new visual and discovery based variety. The universe feels a lot more alive now and terrain generation is much closer to the forbidding cragginess of 2016, one of the few good things about launch window No Man's Sky. It's definitely worth jumping back in as the game just keeps getting better. 
Eric Hauter
I have so many things to play right now, I'm having a hard time focusing up. Star Wars: Squadrons multiplayer keeps calling to me, though I am really awful at it. I've unlocked a few weapons that are helping me out a bit (guided lasers!), but I'm consistently at the bottom of the leaderboards each match. 
I had a few spare minutes the other day, so I booted up Marvel's Avengers for a quick Hulk mission, and ended up playing for a couple of hours. I told myself I wasn't going to go back until new characters started rolling out, but I'm having a hard time staying away.
I also just received Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time for review. I've always loved the Crash games, despite that fact that they are blisteringly difficult and I'm terrible at games. I persevered through the first three games in the series early in the century, so I'm pretty jazzed to jump into this one. I hear it keeps track of how many times you die. Evil, but brilliant.
Randy Kalista
John says I have Fallout ADHD. But what does he know? Just because I'm playing 30-minute increments of Fallout 3Fallout 4Fallout: New Vegas, and Fallout 76 in heavy rotation? Pshhh. And yet I'm still finding the time to sneak in some Skyrim. To bastardize some advice from comedian Uncle Roger, "When life is good, play Skyrim. When life is bad, play Skyrim. When you have a new baby, play Skyrim."
My most memorable moments in Star Wars: Squadrons are when I'm messing up my piloting or there's some harmless glitch borking the gameplay. Like hooking my X-Wing on that gun tower and getting spun around 180 degrees. Or getting blown up during a mid-mission cutscene because an enemy destroyer focused fire on me as we were already flying away. Or putting on my VR headset and finding out I was the approximate height of a grade schooler inside the cockpit, unable to see over the dashboard. I'll get some more Squadrons time in, I'm sure. But you know what they say: When life is good, play Skyrim.
John Yan
I'm really hoping the patch that came out makes it so that I can enjoy Star Wars: Squadrons in VR without having to deal with the stuttering and ghosting. So until then I'm going to hop in a few sessions of 7 Days to Die as my character is pretty much at the point where he's pretty invincible. There's not much more I can do that can present a challenge.
I'll also dive into some The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners as that became available to Viveport Infinity subscribers. The game's been getting great reviews and I could always use some zombie killing to relieve some stress.