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Baldur's Gate III does not need 150gb on Stadia (but it does on PC)

by: Eric -
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Baldur's Gate III launches today on Steam, GOG, and Stadia (and surprise everyone, Mac!). Leading up to the launch, Larian Studios announced that the game will require 150gb of hard drive space on PC, which is a bit more than the previously announced 80gb. 

Obviously, Stadia gamers don't need to worry about such things, as the game will work perfectly well with just enough hard drive space for Chrome to function. Have fun jumping in hours before your PC-playing compatriots, Stadia fans!

Seriously though, Stadia is a great option for Baldur's Gate III. I had a day or two of early access (before the early access launch, that is), and I've been flipping between playing on my PC with mouse and keyboard and playing on my TV with the Stadia controller. The game automatically detects which way you are playing, and adjusts the UI and controls accordingly. Though Larian Studios recommends mouse and keyboard for this immediate release as controller function is still in beta, I've found the controller option to be absolutely viable.

Interested parties can hop right into Baldur's Gate III on Stadia here (once it goes live at 1PM): https://stadia.com/link/EJ4NuTdqAY3iTcB18

That link will take you to the Stadia Store to purchase the game, or if you already have it, the link will allow you to hop right in!