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Spider-Man's PS5 remaster comes with improved performance, Andrew Garfield's costume, and a new face for Peter Parker

by: John -
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By now, you've probably heard or seen that there's a new model for the PS5 version of Spider-Man. Yes, they changed the face of Peter Parker and a lot of fans don't seem to like it.

Bryan Intihar, Insomniac's Creative Director, tweeted out this explanation on the face change and it sounded like it was a difficult yet needed decision to be made. Hopefully, people will get used to it quickly as the game's pretty phenomenal and it's going to be fun to replay it with better visuals and performance.

Speaking of visuals, ray tracing is going to be in the remaster for shadows and reflections with a boost to 60fps. Not only that, but we're getting new suits and one of them is Andrew Garfield's suit from his two stints as Spider-Man.

The Spider-Man remaster will be available on launch day for the PlayStation 5. Unfortunately, those that have the PS4 version won't be getting this upgrade for free. Those who buy the Ultimate Edition of Spider-Man Miles Morales will though.