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Stadia announces six more Free with Pro games for October 2020 (all trailers)

by: Eric -
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Last month, I commented that Stadia seems to be falling into a pattern, with six new games being added to the Free with Pro program each month. Initially, it seemed as though each month would bring one or two new titles, but a precedent seems to have been set. And with new competition lurking on the horizon, Stadia needs to keep swinging for the fences to keep their fan base happy.

Luckily, this trend continued with the announcement of six more games being added to Free with Pro for October, including some highly acclaimed and anticipated titles. 

Here are the trailers for everything announced:

 Dead by Daylight - I'm listing this one first, as it is the first game on Stadia that features the highly anticipated Crowd Choice function, which allows players to participate in the game while it unfolds live on YouTube. Expect more on Crowd Choice once the game goes live (and I figure it out). Dead by Daylight will also feature cross-platform play (thank God!), so there should be plenty of games to jump into.

Celeste - Well, it seems like I'm going to finally get a chance to try Celeste. People seem to dig it quite a bit. The game has a doggone 93 on Metacritic. That's insanely high.

Jotun - This one has been out on Stadia for a while, but with beautiful hand-drawn graphic and fun Norse action/adventure gameplay, Jotun is a great addition to any collection. 

Human Fall Flat - This is as good a reason to buy a second Stadia controller as any other. I played Human Fall Flat on PS4 with my son last year, and we had a great time flailing all over the place. This is one of those games where your character is difficult to control. Fun for a single player, but even better when are two of you flopping all over the place while you attempt to solve puzzle and progress. Fun, with a side of screw-your-buddy evil on the side.

Superhot: Mind Control Delete - Mind Control Delete is a grand add-on to the original title, adding a ton of content full of new twists on the beloved gameplay. This one was released as a free add-on for those that purchased the game a while back. Now the rest of us - that picked up the original game via Free with Pro - get the chance to experience this great expansion.

Lara Croft: Temple of Osiris - Four-player top down Tomb Raider. What else do you need to know? I'll take it!