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Tennis World Tour 2 releases new gameplay trailer

by: Carter -
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NACON and Big Ant Studios have released a gameplay trailer for Tennis World Tour 2, highlighting several new features. The game is available now in North America on PS4, Xbox One, and PC (and will be available in Europe on September 24). The Nintendo Switch version will release on October 15.

Tennis World Tour 2 offers several new features and improvements to give players an immersive experience. The card system is back, orientated more around gameplay. With five cards available at the beginning of the match, you'll need to think tactically and use them at key moments: increased stamina, a more precise service, or the reduction of the competitor’s power by some points.
The career mode of Tennis World Tour 2 lets you manage every aspect of your career on your journey to the top, including appearance, staff recruitment, and session organization.
Finally, the online mode is also back. More stable and complete, it includes new features like double matches and the solo ranked mode. Check out the trailer below.