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Behold one of the mightiest mustaches in Civilization VI's latest first look trailer

by: Carter -
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As part of its bi-monthly content delivery promise, Civilization VI recently announced its next DLC for the New Frontier Pass: the Byzantium & Gaul Pack. Yesterday, it released the first look trailer for the Gaul and its fiery leader, Ambiorix.

As if the name "Ambiorix" wasn't intimidating enough, the leader of the Gaul also dons arguably the best facial hair in the game. Ambiorix's mustache may even top President Theodore Roosevelt's. 

Gaul’s “Hallstatt Culture” ability allows Mines to provide a minor adjacency bonus for all districts, Culture Bomb unowned territory, and grant additional Culture. Specialty districts cannot be built next to the City Center and do not receive adjacency from other districts. Ambiorix’s unique ability is the “King of the Eburones,” where he gains additional Culture based on unit cost when a non-civilian is trained. Melee, anti-cavalry, and ranged units receive bonus Combat Strength for every adjacent combat unit. The Gaesatae unique unit replaces the Warrior; it is more expensive to train but receives additional Combat Strength when fighting stronger units and district defenses. His unique district is the Oppidum, which is cheaper and available earlier than the Industrial Zone and unlocks the Apprenticeship technology when constructed. It is defensible, offering its own ranged attack, and receives a major adjacency bonus from Quarries and strategic resources.

The Byzantium & Gaul Pack will launch on September 24 for Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Windows PC, Mac, and Linux.