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Stadia announced seven indie titles created through Stadia Makers program

by: Eric -
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The Stadia Makers program, announced back in March, is a program aimed at supporting small teams creating Unity-based games for the platform. Now - 1/2 of a pandemic later - Stadia is already showing off trailers for seven new games created as part of the program. 

As a bonus, there are trailers for all seven games. I'm going to post the trailers and a small blurb about each game, but those that really want to dig in should check out today's post on the Stadia Community Blog.

TOHU - an adventure title by Fireart Games, TOHU is a gentle-looking game about a little girl making her way through a system of - ready for this? - "fish planets". The game promises intricate puzzles, set within a unique world.

Death Carnival - can you really go wrong with a game named "Death Carnival"? This online multiplayer top-down shooter takes players into a bleak world where the favored entertainment is a deadly gameshow. With 4-player online co-op and PVP, this one is sure to please shooter fans.

Unto the End - This cinematic platformer takes players into a snowy world of desperate combat, with the main Viking character struggling to survive long enough to reach his home. This is a game that uses words like "unforgiving" and "challenging" in its description, which is catnip for a certain subsection of the gaming community.

Figment: Creed Valley - This spirited action-adventure title uses music as the lynchpin of its imaginative storytelling. Players work their way through a hand-drawn world (The Mind), while confronting singing nightmares in an attempt to restore their own Moral Compass. Think Psychonauts, but with less platforming and more musical numbers.

Nanotale - Typing Chronicles - What is this? A typing RPG? Sweet! Players will want to break out the PC for this one, as the entire game is played on your keyboard. Players take on the role of Rosalind, a novice Archivist, as she explores an ancient world of magic.

The Darkside Detective Season 2 - I am unfamiliar with The Darkside Detective, but it is apparently successful enough to get a second iteration. The point and click comedy adventure is described like this on the Stadia Community Blog post: "A year after the “Motel Incident” of Season 1, we find our reliable Darkside Detective, Francis McQueen, picking up the pieces that left the Darkside Division’s dynamic duo as a slightly less-than-dynamic solo. While the best line of defense against the unknown took a hit to their ranks, the Darkside’s ominous influence remains ever-present with the supernatural running amuck and the paranormal causing havoc around the completely (ab)normal city of Twin Lakes."

Kaze and the Wild Masks - Anyone that gamed back in the 90's will instantly recognize the playstyle of Kaze and the Wild Masks - this is an old school platformer through and through - but with modern graphics and a cool new hero.