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After a 17-year hiatus, Freedom Fighters returns

by: Carter -
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Has it really been 17 years? IO Interactive, the studio behind the Hitman series, has re-released its 2003 third-person shooter, Freedom Fighters on PC.
Freedom Fighters rewrites a key chapter of hsitory. The Soviet Union wins the atomic bomb race and ends WWII by annihilating Berlin. In this alternate reality, the Soviets become the world's dominant superpower. Uncontent with resting on their laurels, the Soviets then invade and occupy New York City, which obviously isn't okay. Freedom Fighters puts you in control of a band of resistance fighters, who're looking to turn the tides of war. 
Freedom Fighters has been updated to work on modern systems. There's currently a 33% discount going on right now on GOG.   

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