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Nintendo Direct Mini is coming tomorrow

by: Sean Colleli -
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Mario might have blown the doors off the last Nintendo Direct for his 35th anniversary, but Nintendo has some more news coming tomorrow in a mini Direct. This one will focus on third party partner showcases...and that's all the info we have right now. Personally I'm hoping we get more concrete info for No More Heroes 3, which was recently delayed into 2021, and of course maybe some actual footage of Bayonetta 3, which is rapidly approaching vaporware territory.

Outside of Animal Crossing and some ports of old Mario games it's been a pretty slow year for the Nintendo Switch. This is understandable considering all extenuating circumstances but it's also been pretty boring, especially for people who are quarantined, so I'm really hoping we get something a little more substantial to round out 2020. Watch this space for the Nintendo Direct Mini, which starts at 7 a.m. PT September 17th.