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Fall Guys mid season update remixes the existing maps with all new hazards

by: Nathan -
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If you think you have mastered Fall Guys then think again as the mid season update went live today and changed a bunch of the maps by adding in new obstacles, or by changing the patterns of certain maps like Gate Crashers. 

I was able to play a couple of rounds and noticed that Fall Ball now has a rotating plate in the middle of the map. This is great as it prevents players just from standing in the middle of the map and headbutting the ball into the opponents goal the entire match.

Hit Parade also changed by adding rotating floors on the second obstacle, the swinging balls now go front to back instead of side to side and the final climb up the slime slide now features rotating hammers and the moving gates go all the way to the end. Before all you had to do was just run up the side and you could easily make it up. 

This is a pretty big update and adds some much needed variety to the game by mixing things up. The update is live now and free to everyone.