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New on Stadia this week: wrestling, card games, and sneaky French people

by: Eric -
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Stadia today announced three new games coming to the Stadia store this week, including two budget friendly titles releasing today.

UNO - the video game adaptation of everyone's favorite "screw your neighbor" card game - releases on Stadia today for $9.99. This one is all Ubi'd out - containing a bunch of Ubisoft-themed modes. Among these are Just Dance Uno, Rabbids Uno, Rayman Uno, Uno Flip, and something called "Winter Uno".

Republique Remastered - the stealth action classic about infiltrating a surveillance stand and uncovering the secrets of its authoritarian leaders - release on Stadia today for $9.99. (Sorry for the PS4 trailer - it was all I could find!)

WWE 2K Battlegrounds - the new arcade brawler featuring everyone's favorite WWE superstars and legends - arrives day and date with its world-wide release on September 18, retailing for $39.99. (Same deal with the PS4 trailer...)