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Stadia stealth-announces Risk of Rain 2

by: Eric -
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I was on a long drive with my wife on Saturday when my phone buzzed at around 5:15 PM. Pulling it out, I saw that it was a Twitter notification from Stadia. Knowing that Stadia follows zero rules about announcements, I find that keeping my Twitter locked into their feed is a pretty good idea. 

Sure enough, Stadia was announcing the "Coming Soon" arrival of the critically acclaimed Risk of Rain 2 to the platform. At 5:15. On a Saturday. Because, you know, whatever.

Of course, tucked into that trailer is this little announcement - that Stadia-exclusive content will be included in the release:

Stadia is super funny that way. Huge announcements, dropped at weird times, with little in the way of detail, and important stuff like exclusive content kind of hidden away. Whatever, weirdos, we love you anyhow.

Bottom line: Risk of Rain 2 is coming to Stadia soon, with exclusive content. You heard it here, on a Monday.