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Sony will have a PlayStation 5 showcase on September 16th at 4PM EDT

by: John -
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Next Wednesday at 1:00PM PDT/4:00PM EDT, Sony will have a 40 minute presentation for the PlayStation 5. The detail in their blog is sparse, but many are expecting a price point for the two editions since Microsoft has come out and said what their console is going to cost.

Should we just expect information on the latest titles from their partners and studios? I don't think so. With the Holiday season fast approaching, it's probably time that Sony also let everyone know how much their consoles and peripherals will cost.

I'm expecting $499 for the regular console and $399 for the digital edition. By all means, this is just a guess on my part and in no way indicative of what Sony is going to set the pricing to.

Tune in on Wednesday to find out more and if they go through the broadcast without saying what the prices are, I expect the gaming community to explode.