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Woodsalt trailer intrigues with sci-fi JRPG vibes

by: Eric -
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Woodsalt, a newly announced "narrative-led sci-fi JRPG", released its first trailer yesterday. With an announced release date of October 13th, Woodsalt is the brainchild of Team Woodsalt, a small indie studio based in Kent, England

According to a recent press release, Woodsalt allows players to control "Emcy, whose penchant for sleep has steered him clear of an evacuated Earth to wake 1000 years later on Nu-Terra, a sprawling city contained within a bubble. What, where, why and how? You’ll find out as you explore the world around you, develop relationships, and uncover a mystery that spans the entire universe and your very existence."

Promising a more chill vibe "free of fetch quests or filler", Woodsalt definitely looks like the 90's JRPGs that inspired it. Woodsalt will be available on Steam and Switch for $19.99. For more information, check out Team Woodsalt's extremely witty website here.