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Xbox Series X is officially $499 and EA Play will be part of Ultimate Gamer's Pass

by: John -
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Yesterday, Microsoft announced the Xbox Series S and today Microsoft made all the information on pricing an availability for the Xbox Series X.

So $499 will be what the Xbox Series X will cost, which aligns with what was leaked and I think a few of us on the staff guessed that pricing. November 10th will be the date you can start purchasing the Xbox Series X to go along with the Series S release.

You can go the traditional route of paying, you can lease both of them with payments of $24.99 for 24 months for the Xbox Series S or $34.99 for 24 months for the Xbox Series X. Going this route will also net you the Ultimate Gamer's Pass along with the console.

And for those with Ultimate Gamer's Pass, which by the way is a great day, Microsoft is partnering with EA to bring you access to their lineup of games so that's combining two subscriptions in one. They're really doing well with Gamer's Pass and this is another notch in their belt in providing great values for gamers.

There you go, $499 for the Xbox Series X and $299 for the Xbox Series S. Both coming out November 10th. Two months away before we're onto the next generation of console gaming.