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Star Renegades adds some boom pow to JRPG-style combat

by: Randy -
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It's amazing what a little camera shake can do for some ol' JRPG-style combat. Star Renegades [official site] lines good guys up on the left, bad guys up on the right, then lets them have at it. But boompow, just giving that camera perspective a little movement—not too much—makes combat hit harder, and really takes static locations and injects them with a little dynamism.

Star Renegades launched today on every current-gen platform. I've been drooling over screenshots and gameplay snippets for at least a couple years now, and in that time its sci-fi pixel-art perfection got steadily more and more perfect. So pretty. 

Neon magenta robots hover over wire-frame starships. Cigar-chomping admirals grimace over war room maps. Battlefields get slammed in a humans-versus-robots tactical rogue-lite RPG confrontations. I love how these places look thousands of years in the future and simultaneously like they've been in ruins for at least that long, too.

Star Renegades launched on PC on September 8, and is coming later (still in 2020) to PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.