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Crucial Ballistix MAX is going to extreme speeds at 5100MHz

by: John -
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You want RAM speed? You got RAM speed. Today, Crucial has made available Crucial Ballistix MAX DDR4 RAM that can go up to a whopping 5100MHz. Previously, their highest was 4000MHz, but today that high has been dethroned.

I talked with Crucial last week about their Ballstix MAX RAM as they prepared to launch their latest speed demon.

96% of what they sell us in the 2666MHz through the 3600MHz range from 8GB to 32GB kits. With three heat spreader colors, you can get some good customization once you go above the 3000MHz range as they will have an RGB option featuring 8 zones and 16 LEDs. These RGB lights are supported by popular control software so you can utilize something you already have on your system to control them.

But looks aren't what make Crucial RAM desirable. It's their direct access to manufacturing to make sure each and every single piece of RAM stick is of high quality. Unlike other RAM sellers, they don't have to sort and bin which one is good. They are hands on in making sure their sticks are good.

This goes into all their RAM kits. From regular sticks to SODIMMs, Crucial is looking to make sure you have the best quality RAM for your gaming setup. Hence, their limited lifetime warranty on Ballstix memory.

Today, they are going for the speed crown go along with that quality with the 5100MHz release.

Now, pricing is, well, going to be on the high side. For a 16GB kit which encompasses two 8GB sticks, you're talking $899. Yes, $899. You can currently get a 2x8GB 4400MHz SKU for around $200 so you're paying a large premium to go up to 5100MHz. Not only that, it's going to be a limited amount of availability because Crucial is expecting around 100 kits per quarter. Now, it may go up depending on the yield, but expect around 100 per quarter.

As mentioned before, you'll get some RGB action with the new RAM. Crucial is taking it a step further as it also has removable 3d printable light bar. There are two push pins on the sides to remove the it and Crucial is providing the base 3D file for you to create your own light bar decorations that will slide on top.

Also, there's no other configuration available so those wanting a 2x16GB or higher will have to make due. Maybe Crucial will come out with higher kits, but for now, 2x8GB is your only option.

So, if you want the fastest RAM out there, the new Crucial Ballstix MAX 2x8GB 5100MHz is your jam.