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Ben Berry - Staff Writer
This weekend, I'll be focusing mostly on Wii sports, as i continue to fight my way towards a better weight and better aerobic conditioning for hockey. I'm finding that half an hour to 45 minutes of Wii Boxing while listening to some up tempo music burns as many calories as riding a bike for the same amount of time.

I've now finished Super Paper Mario, so that monkey is off my back and I can spend a little more time on Rock Star so i can finish the review.

Seal Colleli - Staff Writer
I've been grinding away at Spider-Man 3 for the Wii.  It's one of those games you can enjoy and hate at the same time--it's fun until you realize you've done it all before, the story is somehow worse than the movie, but the Wii remote swinging is actually really cool.  Full review coming shortly.

Randy Kalista - Staff Writer
With a few moments to spare before my next review crops up, I'm heading back to a neo-classic I'd been forced to shelf.  Problem is, I have three of 'em.  Do I unveil more of the parchment in Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion, maybe even visiting the "mad" fun of the Shivering Isles?  Do I stare into the CCTVs of Big Brother society in Half-Life 2: Episode 2 in preparation for Valve's big, beautiful Black Box?  Or do I repeat -- or rewrite -- religious history across the Mediterranean nations in Medieval 2: Total War?  Fantasy, sci-fi, or historical fiction.  Tamriel, City 17, or the Known World.  Ah screw it -- Chuck just handed me Fairy Godmother Tycoon.

Matt Mirkovich - Staff Writer
(Note, Matt's playing the same thing this weekend as last) This week I'm going back in time a bit to finally get caught up on a title that I've had for quite a while that has been sitting on my shelf. And that is Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess on GameCube, that's right, despite owning a Wii I would rather play it on GameCube. Left handed Link for life SUCKAS! Actually I am just very much against the waggle mechanics tacked in to that game. Aside from that I finally gave back in to Pokemon and started playing Pokemon Pearl, the last time I played Pokemon was back in the Ruby/Sapphire era. Coming in on the back burner is Tomb Raider Legend on 360 in preparation of Anniversary coming in June, and Melty Blood; a Japanese doujin fighting game from Type-Moon which I am hoping and pleading an American company will pick up some time in the future.

Shawn Sines - Staff Writer
This weekend is a Wii-kend for me. I'm playing Spiderman 3 and Shrek the 3rd on the Wii. Othert han than I'm sneaking in a few hours of Command &Conquer 3. Lots of 3's for me it seems.

Cyril Lachel - Senior Staff Writer
Talk about a great week.  This has been one of the best weeks of the year.  Oddly it's not because of some major game release or that Halo 3 beta, instead it's because I have finally regained control of my right hand.  After nearly burning my hand off three weeks ago I have finally healed up to the point where I can actually play games and do "normal" things around the house.  Life is good.  Oh yeah, and I suppose life is good because I'm playing the Halo 3 beta.  But beyond Halo 3 (something I'm sure everybody is working their way through), I'm also catching up on games I've been meaning to play but haven't had the opportunity.  Those games include both the PlayStation 2 and PSP version of Test Drive Unlimited, Okami, and Eets: Chowdown.

Tyler Sager - Senior Staff Writer
This week I’ve finished up the GDI campaign of Command and Conquer 3, and taken a bit of a break to dive back into Oblivion.  And, as always, I’ve given a few hours to Galactic Civilizations 2, just to keep that turn-based itch firmly scratched.

Charles Husemann - Editor in Chief
Like most people on the planet I'll be spending a lot of quality time with the Halo 3 beta this weekend.  I'll probably log some time with Spider-Man 3 for the PS3 and maybe log a little bit of time with Odin Sphere.  Dan and I are flying to Chicago on Sunday for the Gamerscorer Blog event but I'm not sure what we'll be playing.

John Yan - Hardware Editor
For this weekend I won't be playing anything as I celebrate my 7th wedding anniversary a week early. Well, I might sneak in a few