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Microsoft's next gen Xbox consoles finally have release dates and pricing

by: Nathan -
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Well it's finally happened. It seemed like Sony and Microsoft were determined to keep the release dates and pricing of their next gen consoles a secret until launch day but Microsoft has finally announced their next gen plans. 

As reported by Windows Central, the consoles will release on November 10th 2020. The Xbox Series S will retail for $299.99 and come with a $25 a month Xbox All Access option. The Xbox Series X will retail for $499.99 and come with a $35 a month Xbox All Access option. 

No details on the Series S at first but it seems like it will be as powerful as an Xbox One X and Microsoft is planning a press conference soon for a full reveal of both consoles. 

Cutting it kinda close huh? I have personally thought that both Sony and Microsoft were playing a game of chicken to see who would announce concrete release dates and prices first. Seems like Microsoft made the first move. Honestly this isn't too surprising. $499 seems to be the sweet spot for new consoles but it will be interesting to see how well that $299 version performs in the holiday season.