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Stadia announced Free Weekend for The Crew 2

by: Eric -
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One of the bonuses of playing games on Stadia is the ability to jump right into a game without needing to download a client. This is never more apparent than when the platform runs a "Free to Play Weekend" event. A few weeks back, Stadia participated in the Borderlands 3 free weekend, and it is much easier to jump into a game when you don't have to spend two hours downloading it.

This weekend, Stadia is hosting a free weekend for The Crew 2 - Ubisoft's open world racer from 2018. This game has it all - car races, boat races, plane races, demolition derby, off road races - you name it, its in there. The open world is almost MMO-like, with players zipping around in between races, hanging out and having fun. It's a pretty cool game that I like to dip into once a month or so to just dork around.

Anyhow, here are the details, from a recent post on the Stadia Community Blog

"Play The Crew 2 free all weekend long on Stadia. Thursday September 3 at 9 AM PT through Sunday September 6 at 11:59 PM PT, jump onto Stadia and you can start racing your way across the USA instantly with your Stadia Pro subscription. Stadia Pro members can log in to Stadia.com or they can launch the Stadia app on their compatible phone or tablet and be ready to play. Start playing instantly with no game downloads or updates required."