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Blood Bowl 3 releasing next year

by: Nathan -
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Blood Bowl 3 has finally been officially announced after being leaked, announced and unannounced last year. Blood Bowl 2 was one of those games I bought on sale for really cheap and ended up having a ton of fun with. It's a faithful recreation of the table top version and the best way to describe it would be if you turned Rugby into a strategy game and set it in the Middle Ages so im pretty excited to check this out when it's released next year.

Blood Bowl 3 will be a big change for the series as it will be using the new updated rulebook for the table top version. Blood Bowl 3 will include 12 teams at launch including two new ones, the Black Orcs and Imperial Nobility 

Blood Bowl 3 will release early 2021 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch and PC.