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So, what are you playing?

by: Randy -
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Here is a thread about video games that are so bad they look like fake video games used in movies. Game developers often suck at playing their own games—and arguably, it doesn't matter. And Microsoft is backing Epic Games in its lawsuit against Apple.
So, what are you playing?
Eric Hauter
I am playing a few games for review this week, both of which should be out of embargo by the time this goes live. 
Gaming Nexus ended up with two copies of Windbound for review: one for Xbox One, and one for PS4. In the end, we've decided we're going to review the game twice, getting assessments from two different reviewers. It can't hurt to have some diversity of opinion, right? I've been playing the PS4 version with my daughter, and we have been having a grand time sailing the sea and killing cute little animals. My review is live—check it out here. And GN writer Lee Mehr is taking a look at the Xbox One version, so keep an eye out for that.
I'm also playing the Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles remaster. This one is much more tough to get a handle on. The game itself is fine, though a little dry, in single player. But from everything I've heard, multiplayer is where Crystal Chronicles comes to life. Unfortunately, there are only reviewers playing the game until it comes out, so I'm going to be waiting until I can get the full experience before writing up the review. Further complicating things is the existence of a "lite" version: a free to play copy of the game that will allow players to experience the first three dungeons of Crystal Chronicles—and the rest of the game if they play with someone that owns the game. With all the cross-play (PS4, Switch, iOS and Android) and various versions involved, Crystal Chronicles is going to take a little while to unravel for review.
Randy Kalista
Microsoft Flight Simulator only ran at 5 fps for me, I couldn't figure out my own security questions to my Final Fantasy XIV account, and it's almost Q4 and there's still no pricing on the PS5 or Xbox Series X yet (Scarlett or Lockhart) so I haven't been able to hash out a payment schedule with my wife, so—ask me anything?
I have to keep telling myself that no one wants to hear about all the games I'm not playing. What I am previewing is Gamedec, which is short for "game detective," and plays like a self-aware Shadowrun where the deepest conversations are around game theory and slightly twisted programmer humor. It's alright. But you don't always appreciate how important sound design is until there's barely any, and Gamedec has barely any. Music so faint you wouldn't know you were in a cyberpunk world if it weren't for the naked blue lady AI.
Spiritfarer is so sweet, though. I can feel its edge in some of the dialogue, but otherwise it's big hugs and snacking on popcorn and fishing with a fluffy kitty and helping people get over their stuff so that they can move on to the afterlife. It's comfy.