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Fall Guys Season 2 will be heading back to the Middle Ages

by: Nathan -
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Fall Guys Season 2 was revealed today as part of Gamescom's opening night event and in Season 2 the game will be getting a Medieval makeover with new maps and new costumes. 

One of the new events looks like an event where players will have to work together to move blocks over to a wall so everyone can jump up to the next level. Those who have played know how well or how disastrous team work can be in this game. Of course there were tons of new costumes including Knights, Wizards, Witches, Dragons and more. 

I am wondering how this is going to work. In the trailer we see an event that looks like Hoopsie Daisy but with a new map, so im wondering if they will rotate out the current maps for these new Medieval themed ones or if they will be added to the rotation.

Here is the trailer courtesy of IGN