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Doom Eternal DLC The Ancient Gods Part One arrives October 20th

by: Sean Colleli -
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Doom fans, myself included, have been eagerly awaiting the announcement of Doom Eternal's first single player DLC, and now we have a confirmed title, price and release date. The Ancient Gods, Part One drops October 20th as a standalone purchase of $19.99, and is included in the Year One Pass and Digital Deluxe edition of Doom Eternal. They really do mean standalone; you don't need to own Doom Eternal itself to play the new DLC. I appreciate that, kind of like how Wolfenstein: The Old Blood didn't require you yo own The New Order. The DLC will also include access to Doom Eternal's Battlemode.

Story details for The Ancient Gods, Part One are a touch thin at the moment, but the trailer hints that this will reveal more of the Doom Slayer's origins and how he was bestowed with the powers of the Makyr. I had mixed feelings about Doom Eternal's combat balance and story but I couldn't deny that the game was a peerless example of optimization and technological excellence. Considering the only thing I ever wanted after beating Doom 2016's campaign was more of exactly that, please, I'm pretty happy that Eternal is getting more solo content to rip and tear through.

The details of the next chapter of DOOM Eternal were revealed today during Gamescom Opening Night Live. DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods, Part One – releasing October 20, 2020 – is a new single-player expansion to the award-winning and critically acclaimed entry to the DOOM franchise.

The first of a two-part story expansion for DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods, Part One casts players once again as the DOOM Slayer to confront an ancient evil awoken from an imbalance in the heavens. Ripping and tearing through never-before-seen locations in the DOOM universe, players will face off against fierce new demons and discover a new chapter in the DOOM Slayer’s story.  

The Ancient Gods, Part One will be available at no additional cost for players who own the DOOM Eternal Year One Pass or the Digital Deluxe edition of DOOM Eternal. For players who don’t own the Year One Pass, The Ancient Gods, Part One will be available to purchase separately and will include free access to BATTLEMODE. Players do not need to own DOOM Eternal to purchase and play The Ancient Gods, Part One.  

The Year One Pass is still available for $29.99 and includes access to both DLC 1 and 2. The Ancient Gods, Part One will also be available as a standalone purchase for $19.99.  

And don’t forget, DOOM Eternal is coming to Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 as a free upgrade for current-gen owners when those versions are available. id Software is also working hard to ensure DOOM Eternal will support backwards compatibility when the new consoles launch.