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NVIDIA educates us on the design of a graphics card

by: John -
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Heat sucks. I hate heat. I really dislike it. And video cards do as well.

NVIDIA has done a lot of design work to mitigate heat from their video cards and they've put out a nice video on designing video cards and how to dissipate heat. It's not an easy feat as you want to not only make it efficient but also reliable.

They don't just talk about cooling a video card, but how to engineer cards to be more powerful. Consumers are looking for faster and faster performance on each iteration of a video card line. NVIDIA briefly touches on that subject and how they're looking to make faster and faster cards.

Some consumers also want a good looking card and it can be a challenge to make a design that not only performs well but looks good as well. As with the other aspects of the video card, it's tough task to find the right balance between performance and aesthetics.

If you enjoy some detailed and informative videos about how things work, check out the video NVIDIA released today on what they go through in engineering a video card. Remember, NVIDIA has an event next week and we're expecting a brand new line of cards to come out that should really take their lineup to the next level.