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Stadia announces six more Free with Pro games for September - view all trailers here

by: Eric -
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So much for Stadia's original planned announcement to release "one or two" games into their Free with Pro program. There has been a steady increase in the number of games released through the program each month, and now we seem to have settled on a new normal. For the second month running, Stadia has announced six Free with Pro games, including two "First on Stadia" titles - games that have never released anywhere before.

Super Bomberman R Online and Gunsport will be premiering as brand new titles on September 1st. Additionally, players will get two titles that are brand new to Stadia, Hitman and Hello Neighbor. Wrapping up the lineup will be Metro: Last Light Redux and early access title Embr (check out our preview here). 

Here is this month's list:

Super Bomberman R Online - First on Stadia

Gunsport - First on Stadia

Hello Neighbor - New to Stadia

Hitman - New to Stadia

Metro: Last Light Redux

Embr - Early Access