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So, what are you playing?

by: Randy -
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So, what are you playing?
Eric Hauter
I've been continuing my second trip to Greece in Assassin's Creed: Odyssey on Stadia. My Kassandra is a wandering lunatic who lacks focus, drive, and ambition. She meanders about small towns, killing chickens to provoke the local populace, then openly slaughtering any bounty hunters that appear to stop these foul murders (Get it? Foul murders?). Not willing to risk life or limb, she usually stands on the roof of structures, raining down fiery arrows on hapless hunters one after the other, before getting bored. She then casually wanders over to find the guy that is paying the bounty on her, hacking him down in front of his friends. Oftentimes she shows mercy to opponents verbally, only to coldly cut them to ribbons when the conversation ends. She also enjoys swimming out into the ocean to murder sharks.
In her spare time, she takes anyone that shows the slightest bit of interest in her to bed for super Grecian sexy time, before sending them into endless servitude on her ship. She's like a praying mantis, but instead of biting off a lover's head, she enslaves them.
So yeah, that's sociopathic fun. I also tried Rock of Ages 3 on Stadia, but I couldn't do anything with it. After struggling through Skully a few weeks back, my appetite for rolling ball games is about zero.
Randy Kalista
Sometimes, when you're on the rebound—and we're not talking NBA bubbles here—your rebound isn't always the best choice. In fact, rarely is it ever. But they help you get over your ex and get you back into the dating scene. That's the theory anyway.
This isn't even an apt metaphor for Microsoft Flight Simulator because it isn't my ex. Or my rebound. Microsoft Flight Simulator is the hot new boy or girl in school...that I just never had a chance with. It rejected me right out of the gate. It could smell my desperation from a mile away and knew I didn't have the reqs. Sure, we had a moment, maybe behind the bleachers during the dance after the football game. But I got dumped, then Microsoft Flight Simulator went around the whole school telling everybody I was a bad kisser.
So, in response to that rejection, I rebounded with an ex. An ex named Anthem. Anthem existed somewhere between Mass Effect and Dragon Age as far as looks and feel were concerned, and wow was that a short, hot summer romance if ever there was one. It wasn't even that long ago. The year Anthem launched ended in a 19.
BioWare is working on Anthem 2.0 though. They're trying to pull a Final Fantasy XIV. The kind where your online multiplayer action RPG comes back after summer vacation and now everybody's like dang Anthem got hot. Maybe I'm just trying to hook back up before everyone else figures that out.
John Yan
I've got to test some racing wheels so I'm diving into some hardcore racing games  that I'm not very good at, specifically Assetto Corsa, GRID, and Project CARS 2. Two of those are in VR, so I'm more than happy to be driving around with my Valve Index on my head.
Of course, I'll probably do a few quick sessions here and there of 7 Days to Die. I can't seem to get away from that game, but that's OK.