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We come from a land down under - Planet Zoo releases the Australia pack

by: Rob -
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Five new species representing the land down under are to be unlocked with the new DLC for Planet ZooThe Australia Pack. The Koala, Red Kangaroo, Southern Cassowary, Eastern Blue-Tongues Lizard, and the Dingo (watch your babies closely). Thankfully the pack does not include the Australian Magpie or you would have to close the park for a few months because they are some vicious, territorial little jerks. Also included is new foliage, scenery, and construction pieces to match the native environments of these new species.

While The Australia Pack is paid DLC, coming in at around $10, it will launch alongside the free content update 1.3 available for all Planet Zoo players. This update adds genetics-driven animal color variations, the ability to multi-select members of staff for more streamlined management, new foliage and enrichment items, and a range of quality of life fixes and improvements.  You can read more about the 1.3 update on the official site: https://www.planetzoogame.com/news/planet-zoo-1-3-update

Full press release after the Read More link below. However, there is no indication that the DLC will include Vegemite sandwiches for the concessions stand...

Cambridge, UK – August 20, 2020 -- Frontier Developments plc (AIM: FDEV) today announced the latest PDLC for Planet Zoo, the celebrated and genre-leading zoo simulation, with Planet Zoo: Australia Pack which will be available on Steam starting August 25 for $9.99.
With Planet Zoo: Australia Pack players can revel in the natural splendor and intrigue of the Australian Outback with five iconic new animals, as well as a wealth of foliage, scenery and zoo construction pieces, all inspired by the diverse range of environments this majestic continent has to offer.
Alongside the stunning array of existing animals in Planet Zoo, players will be able to welcome the curious Koala, handsome Red Kangaroo, cunning Dingo, awe-inspiring Southern Cassowary and striking Eastern Blue-Tongued Lizard to their marvelous menageries. Each new addition requires budding zoologists to hone their skills to ensure the health and well-being of their new creatures.
Taking inspiration from the great outback, players can up-cycle their zoos with a range of eye-catching zoo construction pieces, while spectacular fauna and flora evokes the beauty and wonder of contemporary Australian architecture.
The latest PDLC also offers a new way to play with the brand-new timed scenarios, enabling players to put their zoo-keeping skills to the test as they race to complete objectives against the clock in these exciting time limited challenges.
Alongside the Planet Zoo: Australia Pack, there will also be a plethora of new content for all existing players as part of the latest free content update. This update will include new genetics-driven animal color variations, the ability to multi-select members of staff for more streamlined management, new foliage and enrichment items, and a range of additional fixes and improvements.
For full details of the free content update check out https://www.planetzoogame.com/news/planet-zoo-1-3-update
Please note the Planet Zoo: Australia Pack requires the Planet Zoo base game in order to download and play. Planet Zoo is available now on Steam with an RRP of $44.99, Planet Zoo Deluxe Edition RRP for $54.99 or the Planet Zoo Deluxe Upgrade Pack for $11.99.