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Take a look at the new Dartmoor location in Hitman 3

by: Nathan -
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The Hitman games are well known for having all their missions taking place in various locations across the globe including USA, Japan, France, Italy and more. One location we will be vising come Hitman 3 will be Dartmoor England, the scene of The Thornbridge Mystery. A suicide with the door locked from the inside? Not a chance, this was a murder and Agent 47 has been called in to solve the mystery.  

What's interesting about this mission is that you will need to play detective along with being a Hitman. You will need to interrogate suspects and gather clues to find out who the killer actually is before taking out the target. Well this certainly looks like a game of Clue or the movie Knives Out. This looks like something straight out of the board game Clue or the movie Knives Out. I have to wonder if this mission changes every time you play it so the killer is someone different every time. 

Hitman 3 launches January 2021 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Stadia and will be exclusive to the Epic Game Store on PC for one year.