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Check out this developer insight into Hitman 3 VR

by: Nathan -
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Hitman 3 will be launching next year but along with it will be Hitman 3 VR and man I am very excited about that. There are some fantastic VR games out there now and if Hitman 3 VR can live up to expectations, it could be another game to show other developers and publishers that there is a big market for these kinds of games.

In the developer insight we got to see some gameplay including being able to knock out enemies by picking up weapons and actually swinging at their heads. 

We also got to see glimpses of gameplay of levels of both Hitman 1 and 2 and the announcement that the entire trilogy will be available to play in VR at the end of the trailer. 

The Hitman reboot is one of my favorite games to be released last generation and I cannot wait to play Hitman 3 and see how they integrate the open world sandbox into a VR experience. 

Hitman 3 VR launches January 2021