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Xbox Game Pass "Leaving Soon" R&B track teaches you how to say goodbye

by: Randy -
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I wasn't expecting an official (!) R&B track about Xbox Game Pass hit me up this morning, but here I am, finger on repeat. It even comes with a disclaimer on the YouTube page stating, "(WARNING: EMOTIONAL!!)" Since when did Microsoft get into musical meme making? They might be trying a little too hard by using both Comic Sans and Papyrus fonts in the title card, but whatever, I chuckled. 

This actually serves as an ad for the Xbox Game Pass app on your phone. It's a good app, especially for folks like me that refuse to throw their hat back into the Twitter arena and simply want to know what's coming and going from the insanely good Xbox Game Pass subscription service. Disclaimer: I'm paid up until 2023 on Game Pass Ultimate, but trust me, I'll be hollering just as loudly if the service goes sideways and I'm not finding new favorite games on there every other week.

"The game you love might leave, so play before it goes. And check the app for 'leaving soon,' its important that you know ahead of time, to prepare your last goodbyes...Load up your favorite game and play it for the final time...."

The video is strung with Photobucket-like pics of people being happy and then being sad. But along with those images is a reminder that, being a Game Pass subscriber, you also get a discount on those going-away games, in case it's time to permanently add them to your library.