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PGA Tour 2K21 Course Designer actually looks...fun

by: Eric -
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I haven't dug in deep on a golf game since PGA Tour 96 - the very first golf game back in the PS1 days. No real reason for my absence, PGA Tour 96 was just the last one to grab me. My friends and I were desperate for games, and we sat around drinking beer and playing this thing for days on end. Watching this video, it's funny how silent this game is. I love how the whispering announcers only shows up to say something about every four minutes. We made up for that lack of noise with our howls and taunts.

So yeah, I haven't really kept up with my golf games. But this new PGA Tour 2K21 is looking pretty sweet. Check out the trailer for the Course Designer feature. I love how non-stuffy it is. There is nothing silent about this trailer, it is all pulsing beats and whiz-bang sound effects. The way they create weirdo golf courses covered in cacti and beavers has me intrigued. Is it time for me to jump back into a golf game after my 26 year moratorium? Looks like it may be!

PGA Tour 2K21 releases on August 21 for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Stadia, and PC.