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Hellbound is ready to make Steam bloodier

by: Sean Colleli -
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After a successful Kickstarter campaign and over two years of development, Argentinian developer Saibot studios has unleashed Hellbound onto Steam. The game is billed as a 90s shooter 30 years later and it seems to fit the bill. I'm getting a very Quake 3 vibe from the trailer and I think it's funny that they even take a shot at Doom Eternal's glory kills. These Argentinian folks are apparently purists about their FPS. Interestingly, Hellbound does not adopt a 90s visual aesthetic like other retro shooters like Dusk or Nightmare Reaper; it's quite pretty in a modern sense, very fast, relentlessly violent and has a bit of a foul mouth to boot. Music to my ears.

Hellbound is also budget priced at $14.99, although you can get it 20% off for $11.99 until August 11th. The renaissance of the so-called "boomer shooter" doesn't seem to have an end in sight and I say the more the bloodier. Between up-and-comers like Nightmare Reaper and sublime modern classics like Amid Evil and Ion Fury, and with extremely promising titles like Prodeus and Wrath: Aeon of Ruin on the horizon, Hellbound is in good company.

Buenos Aires, Argentina, August 4, 2020 —Argentinian developer Saibot Studios, partnering with veteran developer and now publisher Nimble Giant, has announced that its mind-numbing, gloriously brutal throwback to 90s first-person shooters, Hellbound, is out now on Steam for $14.99 (US price). In celebration of its launch, the game will be discounted 20% for an entire week after release.Take a good look at the bloodbath that awaits you with today’s launch trailer: https://youtu.be/oWPgGxe_QfI

“The passionate and ambitious Latin American teams at Saibot Studios and Nimble Giant Entertainment have managed to accomplish a lot and we couldn’t be more proud of the result, in what is our first release as a publisher,” said Nicolas Maier, CTO of Nimble Giant Entertainment. Saibot Studios’ Tobias Rusjan added that “After our successful Kickstarter campaign and Survival Mode over two years ago, we’re so excited to finally open up the gates of Hell to fans of old school FPS games and straight-up carnage. We can’t wait to watch the blood drip from Hellgore’s hands as gamers demolish demons to their hearts’ content.”

As a hulking brute named Hellgore (voiced by Artie Widgery), players are tasked with tearing their way through Hell, a once-sacred place that’s now home to unspeakable evils. Hellbound wears its inspiration from FPS classics like DOOM (1993) and Quake (1996) on its sleeves, as fans will find themselves swapping explosive weaponry on the fly in order to rack up kills, earn power-ups and blast a demon so hard its momma would feel it. 

Key Features:

FAST-PACED ACTION: Immerse yourself in relentless gameplay that rips you through demon-dominated dimensions!
WEAPON SELECTION: How you slaughter monsters is just as important as doing it. Can someone say Triple Shotgun?
DEVASTATING POWERS: Pairing those weapons with boosts such as increased damage and speed ratchets up the action another notch!
MONSTROUS GRAPHICS: Hellbound delivers high-resolution gameplay without sacrificing the nostalgic feeling.
A CAVALCADE OF DEMONS: Enhancing the gameplay is demonic variety, pushing the player to tackle the game in different ways.
HEADBANGING TUNES: Kickass while listening to a soundtrack composed by the great David Levill, Federico Ágreda "Zardonic" and Christian Fernando Perucchi.
A F*** TON TO SINK INTO: 7 campaign levels, 4 survival arenas, 8 classes of enemies, 5 heavy weapons, 3 power-ups, and tons of secrets to discover!
Hellbound is now available on Steam for $14.99. In celebration of its launch, the game will be discounted 20% for one whole week after release. For more information, please visit the title’s Steam page.

About Saibot Studios
Saibot Studios is an independent studio comprised of native Argentines that collectively bring a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience to the project, whether that be game development, art, and design, or music composition. The horror crafted by their Doorways series of episodic games is married with the FPS action that the team grew up on in Hellbound.

About Nimble Giant Entertainment
Nimble Giant (formerly known as NGD Studios) brings nearly twenty years of experience in all corners of gaming to Hellbound. Founded in 2002, is one of the leading game development studios in Latin America. The studio’s first major release, Champions of Regnum was the first commercial MMORPG made in the region. The latest published title is Quantum League, an innovative arena shooter with time-travelling mechanics. More at www.nimblegiant.com