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New EA UFC 4 trailer shows off all the updates to career mode

by: Nathan -
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EA UFC 4 got a new trailer and showcases all the updates to career mode and I am very excited about this. I played through EA UFC 3's career mode multiple times and this looks like something I may play through even more. 

This time around it looks like the career mode will get more cinematics as we are introduced to Coach Davis, a new interactive coach that will guide your through the MMA world. 

One of the coolest new additions to the game is choosing your path on how you want to get to the UFC. You can fight through amateur circuits, go through the WFA or you can take your luck at getting a contract through Dana White's Contender series. 

Probably the silliest things about EA UFC 3 was that when your fighter didn't get their contract renewed, their career was automatically over as if UFC is the only MMA organization in the world. EA UFC 4 expands on this by allowing you to revive your career by working your way back to the UFC through the WFA and you can also move up and down weight classes and hold multiple titles. 

We also get to build our fighter the way we want to and our fighters will grow based on how you choose to fight and you can invite specific fighters to your camp to help build your skills. 

EA UFC 4 launches on PS4 and Xbox One on August 14th