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Go a bit "Behind the Schemes" with Mediatonic and Fall Guys

by: Russell -
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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, the online multiplayer obstacle course game, launches August 4th, 2020 on Steam and PS4. Matches in Fall Guys consist of up to sixty players competing in various games inspired by shows such as Wipeout and Ninja Warrior with each round eliminating a certain number of players until only one is left standing. In this installment of Behind the Schemes, JT finds himself at the Mediatonic offices in London, interrogating developers, and forcing them to take part in his real-life Fall Guys obstacle course. The video goes into the creative process behind Fall Guys from the original pitch to character designs and classic game show inspirations. Fall Guys will launch at $19.99 on both Steam and PS4, and will also be free for PS Plus members.