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Get dismembered in Helheim Hassle, coming August 18th

by: Eric -
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There is nothing better than a little humorous dismemberment in games. If you, like me, like to see your heroes killed and torn asunder, then Helheim Hassle - the new puzzle platformer from Perfectly Paranormal - might be right up your alley.

As Bjorn, a Viking trying to work his way back to the land of the living from Valhalla, players will complete up to 70 quests over 14 levels. This is done by, ummm, detaching Bjorn's body parts and sending them out to complete platforming puzzles and challenges. Along the way, Bjorn will meet "80 different characters from all walks of life (and death) ranging from frustrated god souls, bear ghosts, dragons, elves, dwarves and blue-collar goblins; all voiced by 24 professional voice actors delivering 3,700 lines of spoken dialogue."

That trailer slays me. Interested parties can wishlist Helheim Hassle on Steam here. Helheim Hassle will also release on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One on August 18th, with a PlayStation 4 version coming a little later.