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Shakes on a Plane? Yup, Shakes on a Plane

by: Rob -
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I saw the title of this game and let's just say "At first you had my curiosity;" but then I saw a peek at the gameplay via the YouTube video below "but now you have my attention." The very first thing this game reminds me of is Overcooked, which I love. Shakes on a Plane seems every bit the spiritual successor, but on a plane, obviously. You can play solo, but this game also features co-op of up to 4 players. Also in Shakes on a Plane, rather than generic chefs, the cabin crew all have different unique abilities to be leveraged in the gameplay and meet the customer demands. The early reveals teases a cartoonish plot to match that centers around this crew having been abducted form their various day jobs to staff these aircraft. It's certainly off the beaten path and could just be great fun if it keeps to the best of the frantic time management genre, just be sure to watch out for those bomber doors...

Shakes on a Plane will release for PC and Nintendo Switch this November.