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Bolster those data plans; here's how to play Stadia using mobile data

by: Eric -
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Another one of Stadia's (enormous) promised features rolled out today - the ability to play Stadia using 4G and 5G data.

Announced pretty low in the new weekly Stadia Community Blog, this feature is still labelled an "experiment", but if it didn't work, they wouldn't be rolling it out. So now the state of things stands as such: you can use your phone to play AAA games, with no controller, and no WiFi. Using the built-in controls and 4G or 5G, you can basically game on the go wherever you are. Not bad, Stadia.

Here's the blurb from the blog post, explaining how to use the new feature:

"Try games on Stadia using 4G and 5G with a new Stadia Experiment launching July 28. If you’d like to be part of this Experiment, you can opt in to cellular play by opening the Stadia app on an Android phone, clicking on your avatar in the top right corner, selecting Experiments, and then choosing Use Mobile Data. We’ll have more opt-in programs in the future as we bring even more helpful features to Stadia."