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Ubisoft releases awesome new trailer for Watch Dogs: Legion – making me even more excited

by: Eric -
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Ubisoft yesterday released a new trailer for Watch Dogs: Legion, and it offers a much better look at the game than the prolonged overview they showed at their online event a couple of weeks ago. This new trailer really get to the heart of the story, doing a better job of relaying the game’s humor and tone. The part about recruiting “idiots” for your team tickled me to no end.   

I’ve been playing a lot of Watch Dogs 2 recently, and it has me amazingly excited for the new game.

I’m not sure what provoked me to pick up Watch Dogs 2 earlier last month. PlayStation was running one of its usual sales, and I spotted the game tucked among the long list of titles, selling for about twelve bucks. I was burning out on Far Cry: Primal (the mission structure bums me out), but was still in the mood for an open world to dork around in. I remember that the general consensus on the first game was a bit lukewarm, but I couldn’t remember what people thought about the follow-up. Shrugging, I tapped the “Buy Now” button and started the download.

Watch Dogs 2 might be the best twelve bucks I’ve ever spent. Holy God, this game is amazing.

Before browsing that sale, I had no idea that the Watch Dogs games were open world titles. I was under the impression that they were much more level-based. Playing through the first mission in the game seemed to confirm my assumption. But as soon as that mission was over and the game opened up, I found myself running around a damn good representation of San Francisco, hacking people’s phones and causing mischief.

Running from the cops after one particular misadventure, I suddenly realized that I was driving across the Golden Gate bridge. I had no idea that I was even heading that way. Another time, I was creeping around a neighborhood when it dawned on me that I was standing one the corner of Haight and Ashbury. Fisherman’s wharf, Chinatown, Golden Gate park, its all there. Hell, you can even jump on the highway and take a trip over to Oakland if the mood strikes you.

While I acknowledge both the genius and beauty of Rockstar’s GTA games, for whatever reason I haven’t ever beaten one. I enjoy running around the world for a while, but eventually I hit a mission that is just too frustrating, and I bounce. I bought GTA V and have barely touched it. The games are technically impressive, but the missions tend to bum me out.

The mission structure in Watch Dogs 2 is amazing. Every mission feels completely unique, with players running around the city causing any manner of techno-ruckus. One mission had me hacking a series of ATM’s, then watching through the machine’s camera as innocent people thinking they were simply going to withdraw a few bucks were randomly accused of capital crimes. Mean, but funny. Another mission had me getting close enough to a hip-hop superstar to hack a new song off of his  phone, only to use it to con a corrupt music executive into dropping a huge sum as a signing bonus – to me.

I’m only about halfway through Watch Dogs 2 – but I plan on finishing it before the new game releases on October 29. If you want a taste of what Watch Dogs is all about, I can’t recommend that second game highly enough. See you all in October!