CrossfireX has a painfully generic name, but it's from the makers of Control, so, cool

by: Randy -
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Yes, CrossfireX sounds and looks like a generic MilSpec first-person shooter. And yes, Remedy has its name on there. But it also flashes the name Smilegate, which is a South Korean developer and publisher for mobile and PC online games. Remedy, maker of the incredible Max Payne, the incredible Alan Wake, and the incredible Control, is still looking for a cash cow.

While the write up insists CrossfireX is "an immersive and cinematic single-player experience," I can't help but feel like this is the setup for an online shooter. Remedy wants its Call of Duty, its Counter-Strike, its Rainbow Six Siege in the online multiplayer shooter space. Trust me, I'm okay with being 100% wrong here. 

CrossfireX—could they have come up with a more buried-in-the-Google-Play-Store name?—tells the tale of two mercenary companies engaged in a worldwide conflict with each other. Global Risk and Black List. The names practically rhyme. And I think the only visible difference between the two is that one wears more camo and one wears more black. Boy it'd be funny if Black List wasn't the company that wore more black. But you eventually get a Crysis-looking suit, which apparently gives you some pretty stealthy capabilities, until someone yells out, "The ghost is here!" which is, presumably, you.

I'm not against military shooters. I'm just not for them. Especially when it comes to Remedy's name being on the box. I know earlier today I said it's okay for developers to spread their wings and work on something new to them once in awhile. But maybe I didn't want Remedy to be included in that. Look look look, I already mentioned that Remedy's single-player library is amazing. So I'll give it the benefit of the doubt. This, in effect, may be one of the only ways to get me to play a straight up modern military shooter—by having Remedy develop it. So, here goes.

CrossfireX—man that name sucks—is coming to Xbox Series X and Windows 10.