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The world premiere of campaign gameplay for Halo Infinite

by: Carter -
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Eight minutes. Eight beautiful, invigorating minutes that make you want to stick a Grunt in the face with a plasma grenade. 

As part of the July Xbox Series X games showcase, 343 Industries released an eight-minute Halo Infinite campaign demo, giving Halo enthusiasts a glimpse into what's to come. 

The demo doesn't hold back. Amidst the beautiful visuals, 343 flaunts a few new game mechanics and weapons.

  • There's a togglable map interface, which suggests a sandbox-vibe and plenty of exploring.
  • Master Chief has a grappling hook (absolutely badass).
  • Weapon-wise, the steadfast assault rifle and pistol still prevail, but there are several new ones to try as well.

Plus, we get a first-hand look at the Banished, Chief's newest opponent. There's a certain David versus Goliath feel to it. I like it.