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Echo Generation is a Canadian Stranger Things coming to Xbox Series X

by: Randy -
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I'm catching some Stranger Things vibes off this debut trailer for Echo Generation.

You're a kid in a letterman jacket chugging through the economic collapse of very forested and very farmable landscapes. Tentacled clouds point to an enormous, crashlanded shuttle in the background. Everything is composed of tiny voxels for that higher-rez Minecraftian look. You tackle this pre-mobile phone era with its lovely, messy eye for CRT aesthetics, creepy clowns, menacing government structures, and sunsets dipping behind cratered lakes. And since this game is made in Canada, you'll be ready when that nasty-looking Wendigo drops into the scene.

Echo Generation has JRPG-based card combat, it looks like, with this trailer's first taste of fighting happening in the middle of an auto junkyard. You're Dylan, and you've also got Little Sister and Meowsy (the cat, obvs) rounding out the party. Again, because this game is Canadian, the first attack we see from Dylan is a Hockey Smash attack which did "Excellent!" damage.

Looks like Echo Generation's voxel good looks and 2.5D loveliness is "optimized for" Xbox Series X and is coming sometime in 2021.