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EA debuts a gameplay trailer for EA UFC 4

by: Nathan -
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EA has released a new gameplay trailer for EA UFC 4 going over all of the changes in this iteration of the game. The first new addition to the game is the new presentation system called "high impact moments" where fighters and the camera will react to every punch, kick, takedown and knock out. 

We also got to see some new moves including stuffing takedown attempts into submissions as well as reversing into submissions as well. The clinch game has also be reworked making it easier to enter and exit the clinch as well as being able to easily push your opponent into the cage and can perform easier and smoother takedowns.  

Finally the one thing im excited about are the changes to ground and pound and submissions. The system has gotten new control systems and the attackers and defenders now have more moves and counters at their disposal. Submissions are also changed. Instead of the gate system of the last three games there are now two new mini games for chokes and joint submissions. 

EA UFC 4 launches on PS4 and Xbox One on August 14th.