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SMITE's next god is Tsukuyomi, god of the moon

by: Nathan -
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Hi-Rez has released an asesome teaser trailer for Tsukuyomi, the next God to be added to be added to the third person MOBA SMITE. Seriously whoever made this trailer, I sure hope they get a raise because this is all kinds of awesome. This will be the 111th god released in the game.

Quite impressive because balancing over 100 gods, not to mention items and abilities must be quite a daunting task at this point. Especially with their recent releases. Yemoja was nerfed into the ground while Baba Yaga was pretty much useless when she was released. Now we have Cthulhu causing all kinds of havoc with his incredibly over powered kit. Will Tsukuyomi be the same? We shall see. 

Tsukuyomi will be released sometime in August. No official details just yet about his role or his abilities but im sure Hi-Rez will hold a reveal stream within the coming weeks.